Be careful what you wish for

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Have you ever heard the saying: “Be careful what you wish for?” Have you thought about it being true for you or does it feel like a old saying that relates to stories from when you were young?

It actually has a lot to do with the ‘law of attraction’.  You see when you wish for something it can come true whether it is what you want or not. Wishing is related to thoughts and desires of things you actually don’t want as much as it is for what you do want. We get what we think about most of the time, regardless whether it is what we truly want or not.

For example: I am really sick of driving in this traffic. So you get sick, yep you are off work for a while and there is no traffic but did you really want to get sick to stop driving in the traffic or were you hoping for another job closer to home.

I know because I had that exact same thing happen to me. In one day, I turned it around. I came home exhausted and pleaded with the universe to help me find a job closer to home, that was part time but still paid really well, and I would love the work. The very next day I got a phone call from an old acquaintance asking if I would be interested in a job he has listed. It was perfect for me and ONLY 5 minutes from home. Just like that! Two weeks later I was working part time in a job that earned $20,000 more than the last one, doing what I loved, with lovely people, and just up the road so I can skip home for lunch break.

I keep telling my kids… ask for what you want not what you don’t want, it will happen either way so you might as well enjoy it when it comes.

TIP: You deserve it and you can make it happen, but don’t counteract it by negative self talk or thinking it won’t happen, because guess what, it probably won’t.

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