How to work out your purpose

Here is a quick trick for working out your purpose in life. It may not be 100% accurate but it will certainly help you identify WHY you want to do, be, or have something in your life.

The image shows you the process. In this example we get to the conclusion, however, you may need to include a lot more steps before you get to your conclusion.

When you first do this you may not get the results you are looking for, change your words to help you tweak what you really desire and don’t be afraid to put it down on paper.

If you don’t visualise what you want it either won’t happen or it will take forever.

woman thinking about  money

Be careful what you wish for

Have you ever heard the saying: “Be careful what you wish for?” Have you thought about it being true for you or does it feel like a old saying that relates to stories from when you were young? It actually has a lot to do with the ‘law of attraction’.  You see when you wish for something it can come true whether it is what Read More


How do you spot a hidden agenda?

Why people have subconscious agendas and how you can work around them So let’s get it clear what I mean by ‘hidden agenda‘ before we start. What I mean is another person has their own ideas of what could change if your dreams or goals come true. It may be a subconscious thought or wish, but it comes out in their attitude, their words, their Read More


Try this new way to achieve your goals this year

In the past how successful have you been with reaching your New Year’s Resolutions? Not a good track record? That’s ok it is probably because you were trying to focus on too many at once.So, this year, let’s try something different together –  pick one thing you want to change or achieve in your life and focus on achieving it first! That’s it, just one. Don’t worry the others will follow along nicely as you start to feel joy, gratitude, and satisfaction from achieving one goal, and then the next. Below are some suggestions for kicking some goals out of the park.Need a group to support your goal, desire, or big dream. We would love to hear it and we won’t…