Money Mindset Manifestation Group4 weekly group sessions (monthly membership)

Here are a few questions to help you decide. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of them, this group is the place for you:
(1) Do you need someone to talk to that will listen to your ideas without judgement and give you the support you need to get motivated to take action towards achieving that desire?
(2) Are you surrounded by friends and family that don’t support your big ideas, goals, and desires?
(3) Are you tired of getting knocked down every time you talk to someone about what you want to achieve in life?
Vision Boarding & Manifestation WorkshopUsing a technique to pull out your hidden desires we will create a vision board packed with ideas driven by your subconscious. It isn’t just a matter of skipping through magazines and finding pictures, this workshop is about tapping into how images make you feel. The aim is to help you identify your inner desires, and maybe even find your purpose in life. You will be amazed at what you really want and how easily things on your vision board start to manifest using this technique.
Goal settingEver wondered why your goals don't manifest the way you desire, don't manifest at all, take too long to manifest. It could be because you need to try a new technique. With a combination of Christopher Howard, Abraham Hicks, Edward Gifford, my own experience, and the law of attraction, I show you how to set a goal that you should be able to manifest, so you can bring your dreams to life.



Money Manifestation Game - 30 days30 day abundance program that helps to eliminate your money blocks
Money Manifestation Game - 90 days90 day program that helps to eradicate your money blocks

These events are coming up, if the dates don’t suit you please email me your suggestions.