Goal Setting Workshop

  • Have you struggled with reaching your goals?
  • Maybe they have happened but taken a lot longer than expected.
  • Are you stuck on the process to go through to set goals that manifest your desires?

Ever wondered why your goals don’t manifest the way you desire, don’t manifest at all, take too long to manifest. It could be because you need to try a new technique. With a combination of Christopher Howard, Abraham Hicks, Edward Gifford, my own experience, and the law of attraction, I show you how to set a goal that you should be able to manifest, so you can bring your dreams to life.

Join a group of likeminded people wanting to reach their goals and dreams and together we can achieve success.

How much does it cost?

  • 3 hour goal setting workshop valued at $397 but we are offering it for a special introductory price of $97 per person (save $300)
  • This could change your life. In fact I would guarantee it but it really is up to you.

What’s included in this price?

  • Mindfulness strategy session (to help you understand why it works this way and how to work with the Universe)
  • Group discussion about everyone’s aspirations (so you can see that we all have the same desires and dreams, big and small)
  • Extraction session – where we pull out the right goal(s) for you to help you manifest and get excited about the future
  • All materials required (paper, pen etc)
  • Morning or afternoon tea
  • 3 hours of fun

What should I bring?

  • You are required to bring your own water bottle. Morning or afternoon tea refreshments will be provided. There is no catering available for allergies or special diets, so please bring your own refreshments if that is a concern for your. You can bring your own notebook and pen.

Where is the event held?

  • Confirmation of workshop location in North Lakes will be sent via email when numbers are confirmed. Just in case we get more than expected and we need to expand our space.

How many people going?

  • We are taking bookings for a workshop of up to 15 people.
  • Customisation options are available for your own booking if you have 15 or more people. Suitable for a team building exercise or motivation exercise within a corporate environment.

NOTE: If a minimum of 10 people do not register for the event, it will be cancelled so please invite your friends or family to sign up.


Goal Setting Workshop – available now – request a session – email michelle@moneymindsetmeditation.com with your preference and number of people


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Try this new way to achieve your goals this year

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In the past how successful have you been with reaching your New Year’s Resolutions? Not a good track record? That’s ok it is probably because you were trying to focus on too many at once.

So, this year, let’s try something different together –  pick one thing you want to change or achieve in your life and focus on achieving it first! That’s it, just one. Don’t worry the others will follow along nicely as you start to feel joy, gratitude, and satisfaction from achieving one goal, and then the next. Below are some suggestions for kicking some goals out of the park.

Need a group to support your goal, desire, or big dream. We would love to hear it and we won’t judge you.

Step 1: Define your goal

So one goal, what’s it going to be? What will bring you the most joy or satisfaction, that will make you feel great? Write it down, make it positive, write it in present tense (like it has already happened), set a timeframe. I recommend the following goal setting format. I can guarantee it works. Remember to keep your goal realistic though.

Formula – It is now [date] and … I have/am [state the goal as if you already have it]. I know this because [state how you will know the goal is achieved and how you will feel when it is achieved].  

Example: It is now March 20[YY]. I have a large group of very happy members in my mindfulness and meditation groups who are telling me how much they appreciate the support my community has provided and how it has helped them achieve their dreams. This makes me feel valued and excited.

Click here to download the template.

Step 2. Actually believe it

Do you actually believe you can make that goal or dream happen because if you don’t you are going to have a hard time. Make your goal achievable and believable but still stretch yourself. Go back and look at it, how does it actually make you feel. Are you excited or apprehensive, did fear come up? Rewrite it until you feel it is believable and some of the fear is removed but not allIf you don’t believe you can do it then don’t expect the universe to hand it to you because you are asking for what you want with one hand and then thinking it away with the other.

If you make it believable you can make it happen, you really really can. Here’s what I mean:

  • Money goal – So I have done heaps of these and I ALWAYS get them to work for me. Trust me, this works but be realistic. How much more a week would you like to see in your income? If it is a stretch for you to believe you can actually increase your income by thousands a week then your subconscious will be fighting against you and it will be harder for you to reach that goal, if at all. Set a realistic goal – aim for an extra $300 a week, extra $500 a week, extra $1,000 a week, once you get to a goal you feel is out of reach because when you are true to your thoughts you know it feels like it’s impossible, then go back to the one that feels a bit more likely. You can always up the anti once you reach the first milestone, nothing stopping you from doing that.  TIP: I put a photo of a pile of $100 notes on my phone lock screen. Every time I turned that phone on I said positive messages to myself like ‘I have plenty of money to share, spare, and save’. I now earn 6 figures but I am aiming bigger and better and have also added ‘I want to help people achieve their dreams and reach their goals’.
  • Fat loss goal – Say you have a fat loss goal, you really should be focusing on eating well and feeling good but we know how that works, you just want to fit into something that looks nice and makes you feel better about yourself. So aim for a realistic goal. If you have never achieved a fat loss goal before aim for achievable goal that is one size smaller than you are now. You may be more than capable of achieving that massive goal of 5 sizes smaller but let’s give your mind a chance to adjust to each and every goal you achieve along the way and then once you are a believer you can smash it out. Once you achieve that you can set the next goal, and the next, including healthy eating and exercise into your goals because they help you to feel better about yourself. TIP: I took a photo of a lady the size I wanted to be (size 12 AUS) without her head and put the picture on my phone lock screen (yep it was a bit weird but heck it works). Every time I turned that phone on I said positive messages to myself like ‘I am a size 12’. Next goal for me is size 10, I have slipped a bit but I know what to do to get back there because I did it already and it’s a lot more likely to happen.

Step 3. Set that goal in stone

After you have written and confirmed your goal(s) try this NLP timeline hypnosis. Techniques like this produce amazing results – NLP Timeline Super Goal Achievement Technique.

Step 4. Start moving forward

Now you have identified your one goal. You have written it and reviewed it, and rewritten it so you 100% believe you can do it. You have gone through the timeline process above. Great. Now for the next step.  So you don’t lose your enthusiasm here is what I recommend. Let the universe help you find the best way to achieve your goals. Don’t try to control the goal. How the heck do you do this you say, let me explain:

  • Place your written goal somewhere you can see it every day (I put them in my reminder app and have them pop up all the time)
  • Write or record affirmations that you will repeat to yourself every day (anytime during the day) for a minimum of 5 minutes out loud. Yep, it’s embarrassing but when you are alone none knows. I do this when driving my car; walking the dog; while having a shower; when laying down in bed at night; or before I get out of bed in the morning.
  • Write or record gratitude statements that you will repeat to yourself every day (morning preferred).
  • Every time a negative thought comes up, push it away with a positive affirmation. Say to yourself that good things are coming and my desires are on their way to me. I know it is hard but after doing the affirmations for a week or two it will be much easier, trust me.
  • Listen to positive subliminal messages – here are some I recommend
  • Find mentors who have achieved your goal, talk to them, get answers to your questions, ask them if they would guide you. If you don’t have access to mentors then find some on YouTube or Ted Talk and just listen to their wisdom. Maybe even join our group.
  • Listen to meditation here are some I recommend
  • Listen to law of attraction messages – here are some I recommend

Ideas will pop into your head to help you reach your goal, keep a notebook handy and jot them down. What inspires you the most could be your next action step.

Only tell people you KNOW will support your goals and desires, negative messages are not welcome, so just don’t tell anyone if they can’t say something nice and support you. You know you can do it, they will see the result when you make it happen. See our group page and my post on subconscious agendas.

Step 5. Necessary actions

After you have worked on Step 4 actions for 2 weeks and you feel like some ideas are coming through and you are in a bit of a pattern of doing your affirmations and listening to positive messages then now you can start working out what you need to do to take action towards your goal if you haven’t already:

  • Fat loss goal – start your exercise program > keep it simple like walking so you get used to actually getting into a routine – keep up with everything in Step 3, you can do that while exercising.
  • Money goal – is a new job you desire with higher pay, a promotion, a different position in the same company, you want to start a business > what do you need to learn, prepare, or do to make it possible. Upskill yourself, look better, find your customer’s pain point, and so on.
  • Lover goal – you are looking for someone to share your life with > what do you need to do to make yourself more attractive, more desirable, more friendly, less shy, or even less controlling, and so on.

Step 6Let go

Now this may sound a little weird and it is hard to do but you need to let go of the grip you have on the goal. Hold it too tight and it won’t release itself. Just relax and know that if it is meant to be and your desire is strong enough the law of attraction should make it so. So I don’t mean you can sit on your ass now and not do anything, you are not going to lose weight listening to subliminals alone, you need to eat well and exercise. What I mean is don’t obsess over it, just relax in knowing you are working towards your goal and it will happen.

Keep believing even if you are thrown a few curve balls. If you feel you are self sabotaging, then do more subliminals, talk to people who have done what you are trying to do, join a group that will support your goals, and never give up.

Need a group to support your goal, desire, or big dream. We would love to hear it and we won’t judge you.

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