What is the Money Manifestation Game?

  • Have you heard of the Money Game, made famous by Abraham Hicks. There are a few people who have introduced their version of the Money Game to help others manifest the money they desire, remove blocks, and start seeing a flow of money coming into their life. I have completed all of these various games, I haven’t manifested the millions yet (still working on it) but I do earn a nice six figure income which for most seems out of reach.

How does it work?

  • Over a period of a month you will receive deposits into your pretend virtual bank account. You then spend that virtual money on items you desire. The process uses the law of attraction principle and starts to change your vibration and mindset around money from lack to abundance.
  • You will make note of stuff that comes up for you when you start spending the money to help you identify your money blocks. Even if you have money but want more there still could be blocks preventing more from coming consistently.

What makes my game different?

  • Although similar, each of the games have their own unique process for getting results. Some of which produce outstanding results (as claimed by the creators) and some not so sure. While working through the games myself I found some improvement ideas with each (blocks really) and decided to create my own unique Money Manifestation Game. Based on my experience and my ideas my money manifestation game is a blend of the best features of the money games available but still works to help identify blocks causing issues for you.

What does the game involve?

  • You will receive messages (text and/or email) every day for a month (maybe twice a day if I want to surprise you), with a virtual deposit that you will spend virtually. It is pretend money but I want you to think of it as real and spend it on the things you want to BE – DO – HAVE.

How do I receive the game?

  • You will receive text and/or email messages every day using the mobile and/or email address you provided on signup.

What does it cost?

  • It is free for you to try for 30 days and then if you like it you can sign up to do the 90 days for $47. No credit card or upfront commitment required. You see the results for yourself and then decide if you want to continue with a new batch for one whole year to really set that mindset of abundance, gratitude, and joy.
  • As your virtual deposit increases you will be able to buy or do more and more. It is so much fun and when it works that $47 could turn into 10x, 100x, 1000x its value.

Why do we charge for this service?

  • The investment you provide helps to maintain the site and more importantly will go towards some development work to make the site better.

How can I get the best results?

  • Prepare yourself to spend by creating a wishlist that includes a variety of items in different price ranges. I use a notebook to list everything I want, keep it handy so you can add things when you think of them. I have 100 and still going. Tick items off as you make your virtual purchase. I also like Pinterest. You can create a Manifestation Money Game board and pin all the things you desire such as destinations, property, cars, boats, experiences, clothing and accessories, and so on.